3rd IEEE

Conference on Information &
Communication Technology

5G Technology

IEEE, is hosting 5G Technology workshop focusing on technologies pertaining to 5G era. IEEE 5G Technology Workshop will provide a forum to researchers, engineers, and industry experts to present and discuss recent research breakthrough, technical advancement and new findings in 5G Technology. The main objective of this workshop is to bring the synergy between the Government, industry, and academia. This workshop is sponsored by IEEE, and is aimed at bringing together researchers, scientists, technology experts, and stakeholders from the Industry, Governments and Academia to discuss Future Network technologies pertaining to 5G era systems, the opportunities and challenges that these pose for a broad spectrum of verticals e.g., smart cities, tactical and first responder missions, eHealth, connected cars, and infrastructure and ecosystem preparedness. 

This workshop is expected to serve as a catalyst to:

  • Investigate and identify requirements for mass scale deployment of 5G era systems and drive open industry ecosystems and standards addressing such requirements
  • Discuss future trends to identify new research areas for technologies to be developed or enhanced to support future extensions targeting next ten-year timeframe.

The workshop will have the expert talks and panel on the topics related to MIMO, applications and verticals, Edge Automation, Security, Cognitive Radio, Fronthaul,  Future Network Testbeds, and Deployment considerations and much more. An Overview of the IEEE Futures Initiative will also be presented.